Monday, April 29, 2013

Highlights from my action packed week with my parents include, but are not limited to:

I heart my parents, vacationing @ chez jay, an iceberg wedge, planning & plotting, fire pitting at loews, car juggling, my dad's new love of stoli greyhounds, endless baseball trades, hill street, dog sitting brewster & dixie, 2 manicures, 1 pedicure, 3 shoulder massages, rusty's chip stock up (my mom brought a ton home in her suitcase), lots of winking or blinking, beaching, whole foods-a-thons, lots of hugs, kings game, lorraine's color bar highlights (I have very subtle highlights), coconuts, calligraphy workshop with plurabelle & my mom @ urbanic, in-n-out (the parents can't get enough), calligraphy practice, new instagram friends from calligraphy workshop, nordstrom shoe & cute dad outfit shopping, farmer's market, kale/ spinach/ cucumber/ lemon/ ginger/ apple juices all over town, a toast at the other room, abbot kinney strolls, bison facts & tasting, pie & burger, urgent care, my mom's first french manicure, tuesday night food truck dining, pie & burger, urgent care, a crown city hardware run, great grandma vatcher's house in south pasadena, 2 trips to bay cities, apple cider vinegar, lunch @ cecconi's with fancies, tasting kitchen meats & chesses & the best olives ever, my mom loves bravehearts, castelvetrano olives, walter's trip to the groomer to look like a black baby bear, suitcase delivery (remember the extra cute suitcase my mom got me?? well she just delivered it), my dad doesn't like cork shoes, 42 is a wonderful movie (bring your kleenex), san diego bashing, horse racing, eye exam, urban outfitters photo boothing, sweet notes from my dad on our windshield, gidget sweater, 3rd street promenading, too many valets to count, lots of stripes, have'a corn chips (not have a nice day chips), anthropologie appreciation (I appreciate my parents), pink napkin theft, 2 hotels, 1 house, worms, bran muffin from the kettle, hanging with the mcnieces & a tearful lax goodbye!!!! I can't wait to see them again!!!!!

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