Monday, April 29, 2013

my sunday!

what an action packed sunday I had. car wash, grocery shopping, laughter, flower purchasing, joy, coffee run, danger, aaa roadside assistance, frustration, smoke, learning to open up the rrc's hood, radiator hose chatter, a ride with a stranger, $3 loan, kitchenaid mixer excitement, day savers, a ride to the mall like a high schooler, danielle's family birthday lunch (called a bff - bacon family function), catching up with the bacon/york/garlocks, shoe shopping, ladies at the chanel counter will go through a lot with you, perfume samples, primer, make up, gidget sweater, a trip to the club, hugs, secrets, glitter sandals, girl bonding, a ride from honey to the club, warm peach, dead phone battery, golf, tennis, swimming, trader joes parking lot, cinnamon apple fig newton sampling, towing mileage limits, no may day, walter cuddling, in-n-out protein style, laundry, carnivale & sleep! you had to be there!!!

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