Monday, April 29, 2013

happy birthday BROOKE!

Brooke and I go way way back - back to the beginning, back to the day she was born! Our moms have been best friends for 39 years. There are so many funny pictures of us when we were little tots in Tulsa (my favorite is a Halloween picture where she was Tweety Bird & I was a hobo looking Holly Hobby). Ever since my parents moved back to Tulsa, the Megan/ Brooke team has been back in action! There is no one sweeter, more genuine, friendlier or more adorable than BROOKE! We used to be filled in about each other's lives by our chatty moms, but now through our blogs we have daily communication, which I LOVE! With Brooke in Montana and me in LA, it is very interesting (to us) to compare and contrast the differences and similarities of our lives. Happy Birthday BROOKE!!!

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