Saturday, June 14, 2014

tulsa | may 2014

AMAZING view from my parent's downtown penthouse!
dinner @ my favorite dalesandro's with kim, richard, dillan & my parents!
birthday purses!
Dillan's dance recital!
Abuelo got tulips for Dillan!
Tiny Tap Dancer!
fun @ the pool with Dillan!
Utica Square with the parents!
Tea Party with my gal Dillan!
Delivering Maple Bacon chips to our new friends @ Saks Fifth Ave!

auntie meg + dillan!

You've got a friend, Megan!


thanks to merissa, I'm hooked on working out my brain

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence (in 119 days)!

lavender nails + new bracelet!

it doesn't take much to make me happy!

Friday, June 13, 2014

James Taylor


Danielle's birthday tribute to me!

Today is my BFF's birthday! Everyone who knows her knows this girl is special. She IS the best friend that every girl should have. She will do anything for you, she throws the most amazing soirées, she's positive and encouraging, she let's me order for her, she makes birthdays a BIG deal, she's hilarious, she lip syncs like no other, she's got a style that's all her own, she shuns restaurant chains, she's snobby but in a good way, her wrapped gifts are masterpieces, she gets weekly mani/pedis, she makes all style decisions for me and chooses my polish for me, she takes a million pics, she is the coolest plus one to crash Hollywood parties with, the BEST co-lasher, wedding band deliverer, maid of honor, pool lounger, secret queso lover, Wendy's kids meal eater, NYC travel mate, compatible good side friend EVER!!! Thank you for being by my side on this journey of life. Happy Birthday! I love you!!!

thank you Merissa!!!!

My Aperol Spritz Birthday!

THANK YOU to the gals @ work for the super fun birthday kick off party @ cecconis!

clare vivier sample sale!

Like any gal who wakes up to find she is now THIRTY EIGHT, I celebrated my birthday @ the clare v sample sale! I waited in the longest, silverlake line ever (even after all my pals flaked - thanks for nothing!), hoarded a ton of bags right off the bat, sifted through the damaged/ already monogrammed bags, ran into missy, edited my hoarder pile & came out a happy birthday winner!
TADA! Meet my very own Clave V monogram WITH MY INITIALS clutch!!!!! Standing in line for an hour & rummaging through boxes of unclaimed monogram bags really paid off!
Icy birthday manicure & new monogram clutch!
Found a bachelorette party purse for Paige (given name: Mary Paige)!
Katie Holmes is super excited to be my Clare V clutch  twin!
Looks like I got the deal of the century! $31 per clutch - instead of $195 + $50 for monogramming!

my birthday horoscope!

June 7th!!! You are both highly seductive and seek emotional fulfillment, and this can create a passionate and adventurous union. Creating luck in life directly correlates with how disciplined and committed you are to doing what it takes to get what you want—even when you don’t feel like it. Many people think that the colorful individuals born on June 7 live in a land of make-believe; in fact it is an inner world full of great ideas and potential. Their enchanting verve and style captivates people’s imagination and, more often than not, these seductive individuals are fashion icons or trendsetters. Whatever they decide to do, it will be slightly ahead of its time. They instinctively know how to reach people with their creative energy; they enjoy the process of seduction and invest much energy in non-verbal signals. They often take great pains over their appearance and in many social situations their clothes, body language and eyes do the talking for them—sometimes too much talking, as they are not afraid of being shocking or sensational. They also have a fantastic sense of humor and fun, and life is always entertaining when they are around. Instinctively grasping the seductive powers of surprise and humor, they delight in shocking people and making them smile. If they don’t get in touch with their feelings, however, they run the risk of living life on a superficial level. When this happens, instead of being captivating and enchanting, others may start to think of them as unreliable, forgetful and unfocused and they could find themselves alone. Often possessing an instinct to run away, it is important therefore for them to try and probe their lives more deeply. Fortunately, before the age of forty-four there are significant opportunities for them to focus more on their inner life. After the age of forty-five there is a turning point which encourages greater self-expression and assertiveness; as long as they guard against self-absorption, these are the years they can really come into their own. People born on this day have a rich inner life and they need to make sure that they don’t subordinate this to material concerns or refuse to acknowledge or express it because they fear others might think them odd. They aren’t odd—they’re just full of unique and special potential. Your dark side can be Self-absorbed, forgetful, indulgent Your best qualities - Trendsetting, visionary, entertaining. People born on June 7 will endlessly fantasize about love. They have a passionate nature and strong desire, together with the charm and charisma to easily draw admirers to them. Because they love the thrill of the chase, commitment to one person may be a problem; but a close, loving relationship with one special person is the secret to their emotional fulfillment and an ideal they should work toward. People born on this day are often fascinated by their own appearance and will do as much as they can to enhance or change it if the fancy takes them. Personal grooming is essential for them but they need to be careful not to take this to extremes, becoming too self-absorbed and vain in the process. As far as diet is concerned, they understand the connection between junk food, weight problems and poor health; they are therefore likely to eat healthily but they do have a sweet tooth and may occasionally indulge in binges, although it won’t be long before they get things back under control. They enjoy exercise and can benefit greatly from it as long as they don’t take it to extremes. These people love to enchant an audience, and are natural performers and entertainers. They also make great party planners, sales people and publishers. Other career choices that might appeal include teaching, lecturing, writing, marketing, advertising, commerce, or law. To enchant the world with their charisma and magic The life path for people born on this day is to learn to look within themselves for a sense of fulfillment. Once they have been able to look at their lives more deeply, their destiny is to enchant the world with their special brand of charisma and magic. Lucky colors: Orange, sky blue, yellow. Birthstone: Agate