Friday, April 18, 2014

I am so happy that I can be part of celebrating Baby Cox (due in September) @ a brunch of Kim's girlfriends when I'm in Tulsa for the Fourth of July!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I participated in oh joy for target (against my better judgement)!

My Mom did too & we talked on the phone while it was happening. perhaps we have a problem?

all in a day's work!

My Apolis Los Angeles market bag (Christmas gift from my sweet Zach) is coming in handy for hauling around finishes from jobsite to jobsite!

I can't wait for my matey Danielle's Nautical Chic Birthday!

Monday, April 14, 2014

get yourself up to speed!

happy passover, pineapples are having a moment, I'm a concrete tile expert, in less than a month I'll be living it up @ the viceroy palm springs, is it en vogue or in vogue - please explain, walter ate a million dog bone treats in the middle of the night & was making weird noises when I left the house this morning- I hope he's still alive when I return, is this cursive font hard to read?, unlike normal people it cost me $893 for my dmv registration, the garlocks are on a fun spring break roadtrip (8 days, 7 hotels, 5 states, 2 ballparks & one awkward dinner in denver), kim's pregnant & I'm hosting a baby brunch in her honor, I'll be in tulsa for the 4th of july if you'd like to join me (my parents are renting a bus to bring their friends over for penthouse fireworks), my coworkers & I watch this osprey nest non stop, I'm doing well sending a card a day, stop & smell the roses and please paint your nails lilac!

Monday, April 7, 2014

sara's baby brunch!

just a wonderful girly day celebrating SARA! Highlights include, but are not limited to: bloody mary bar, road tripping south with hill & lu, oh joy target launch, build your own burritos, harty house tour, clever photobooth framed art, finally meeting walker, planning a santa ynez get away for september, chit chatting it up and the cutest outfits for baby girl harty!

happy first anniversary jenny & tim! #specialdeliveryonyourporch

happy birthday alex!

sugar paper studio sale!

Special thanks to sweeni for rallying & letting me cut in line!

alex 40th birthday party prep!

a bike ride to the farmers market!

valentine's day 2014!

tasting kitchen (of course), handmade cards, vintage gucci watch (I love it!) and strolling around venice with mr. siciliano equaled a perfect valentine's day celebration!

this juice & I are having a moment!

Friday, March 21, 2014

yay! annie & george are getting married!

guilty pleasure with danielle

more from the cream event!

richard sans richard (his knees are under the weather)!

Designer Marketplace, the new cool antique mart (started by the former wertz bros. staff) is a stone's throw from my house. zach & I have spent hours there and every time we come home with a carefully curated pile of amazingness (like these vintage meat signs)!!!!

melissa & I heart bramble workshop!

what a great saturday morning studio sale in chinatown! our favorite brilliant artist/ window installation creative director/ sculptor/ visionary, bramble workshop, is moving to portland and the least we could do was to hit up her sale! hit it up we did - 72 yards of red sequins, $25 worth of paper flower petals (aftermath of Oh Joy's new line for target party & an ella moss window display), white chipboard letters, wood sticks, paint gallons (coral, pink, peach, orange, gold & silver), a million rit dye boxes, glitter leaves, feathers and a happy experience!!!!