Sunday, December 14, 2014

my best friend is having a baby!!!!

4 days until baby McNiece #3 reveals his or her self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 miles in pasadena!

merry christmas parents!!!!!!!

I ordered this super cool print for my parents for Christmas - Their love of In-In-Out is HUGE! They don't frequent my blog, so I'm not spoiling the surprise!!!

two hour run (two longest hours of my life)!!!!

it's raining & I'm wearing my show & tell knit cap!!!!!!

making my mama proud!

My mom gets really mad when I don't wear pounds of lipstick & lately I'm making her proud!!!!

dear santa...

I WANT WANT WANT this creepy lady painting from three potato four!

someone's got a lot of time on their hands....

It's me! Soooo I spent a few hours the other night researching the proper way to groom a Scottish terrier & the history of Walter's people!!! Hours into my research I found a Los Angeles groomer that Scottish terrier owners fly around the world to groom their pups!!!! Walter may be FIVE, but he is about to be an amazing specimen of his breed! He has a March grooming appointment with the expert!

Santa Monica Venice Christmas 10k race!!!

geranium polish & a cute new baggu!

still a serious work in progress, but this is where I live!!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

It's better to be safe in a giant loaner blazer-looking safety vest & headlamp when running the mean streets of Brentwood than to be sorry!!!! Team Nutribullet made our run more exciting by stopping for yogurt samples!

fancy pics from wes & paige's wedding! & that awkward time when I pretty much stole the bouquet that wasn't headed my way!!!!!!

another fabulous thanksgiving @ pj & jaime's in the books!