Monday, November 23, 2015

in 2009 I liked...

Here's a never published 2009 draft I just found of my likes...

Mexican food, My Family (no offense family, Mexican food popped in my head first), Houndstooth, Giving Mia objects with Bunnies on them, Paige's new equestrian look, Thrift stores, glue sticks, wallpaper, El Carmen, Rice, Perrier & Pellegrino, Mia's Scattergories answers, Fish, Crab, Lobster, Mussels, Clams, Reel Inn, Martha Stewart, Jean Chatzky, wrapping presents, janice moreland's tomatoes, Domino Magazine, my dad's sense of humor, my blog, Cacti, Iced Venti Old School Americanos, monograms, high thread count sheets, personalized stationary, caviar, champagne, grey goose & soda with lime, Boar's Head cracked pepper turkey, Cocobolo wood, the way PJ says Jaime's name, my email address (how pretentious!), Cobras & Matadors, Presley Nixon & Lola (my faux nieces & nephew), The Today Show, having a digital camera, flying in a plane, making faces, cleaning, iced tea - no sugar, Anthropologie latte bowls, sewing, Danielle Aldine Bacon Garlock & her entire family, being at the hospital when babies are born, Jaime's hospitality, arm & hammer toothpaste, bed skirts, my mom's cheerleading megaphone necklace, pushing the envelope, Valentine making parties, Michael Kors perfume, watching the guest of honor open presents at birthdays & showers (no one else really likes this), planning a party, Chinatown, NYC, sunning with Danielle, being Mia's plus 1, thank you notes, getting a deal, flea markets, Pasadena, art classes, SJP, talking in code with Mia and whomever else understands this code, the word soiree, gelato, fabric, Bay Cities & Italia Deli, the new direct flight to Tulsa on Express Jet, Zanchez the upholsterer, Friday Night Lights, thirtysomething, Lauren's style, bright colors, Viceroy Hotel, Keep Calm Carry On poster, Silverlake, goody bags, when I am called Meg, Thanksgiving @ PJ & Jaime's house, charm bracelets, wearing sunglasses, Frida Kahlo, religious objects, St. Monica's Catholic Church, estate sales, photo booths, gold jewelry, my treo, Casa Bianca, Malo, when my parents visit, Maui, traveling, my friends, concealer, cracking jokes, driving, Siamese cats, themed parties, Penny, getting emails, Karen Scannell, "Eat Pray Love", Bristol Farm's turkey salad, flowers, the dictionary game, surprise parties, clutches, poetry, Christmas fireworks in Manhattan Beach, painting, Teen Vogue, road trips with jen fox peterson, mac clear lip glass, my giant Marc Jacobs bag, amy vanderbilt complete book of etiquette, anything nautical, turquoise jewelry, shells, loyalty, peacock feathers, gardening, 6 feet under, imogen heap, marble, my great grandparent's kitchen table, block parties, wreaths, clothing exchanges, pedicures, straightening irons, my glasses, "me time", screening calls, my maps, cake plates, subways, knowing your way around a city, running, my smile, avocados, lip sync contests, my new plan to be preppy, glue guns and pizza with garlic pepperoni & black olives

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Meet my Manhattan Beach handwork!

Thank you Cook's County for your hospitality!

A wild night of gossip on a 100 degree Wednesday with Alex & Merissa! We enjoyed champagne, rose, grilled octopus, farro & kale!!! Yes, we are fancy!

Happy Birthday Melissa (8.19)!

To the greatest friend, coworker & partner in crime - Thank you for the never ending gossip, sample sales, flea markets, hipster pop ups, crafty projects, fringe, fabric sharing, trips to weirdo korean hardware stores in the valley, lessons in right & wrong, sleepovers in tiny beds, road trips to napa & palm springs, major advice sessions, marathon training, lipstick sharing, pinata scouring, arts district adventures, valentine parties, matching aprons, hugs, trip hopping, fetty wap singing, chit chats, scheming, texting, #1738 gang sign flashing, girls nights, photo ops, party hat wearing, 40 hour weeks & occupying me from 7 to midnight!!! I LOVE YOU LIKE IT'S GOING OUT OF STYLE

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

globe bank collection growth!!!!!

Thanks to my Mom's LOVE of online shopping, my vintage globe bank collection just grew to SEVEN! Feel free to contribute to the cause if you see fit. xoxoxoxoxo


Don't fret. There isn't a chance that I will ever forget this concrete tile since it was installed three times, I spent two days manual laboring it myself & watched it's third install closely for 7 days in the hot hot heat!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Melissa - Bottega Louie style!!!!!

el carmen celebrating melissa (who wasn't there)

Taylor Swift in Ice Cube's suite!!!!