Saturday, August 2, 2014

fourth of july!


happy 7th anniversary to PJ & Jaime!!! 7.7.07

celebrating baby cox!

brunch @ mb post!

Hey Hay Trays!

when I returned the Design Within Reach gold silverware my parents got me for christmas (it scratched too easily & seemed poor quality), I got a gift certificate which I finally used for these ridiculously expensive trays trays by HAY!!!! yay to being fancy in the tray arena!!!!

Rachel Reunion

Danielle & I worked with Rachel @ Warner Bros for years & we were best of buddies! Our lives (well not mine) got busy & we last saw her SEVEN YEARS AGO! Best reunion ever!!! Dinner @ Lure.
here we are seven years ago...
we look so much better! June 2014!
We LOVE our Rachel!!!!!

meet my pink glassware collection & weep!

I'm back!!!!!

after a month & 1/2 off from the blog, I am back!
I have been engaged, un engaged, have pulled myself together & am forging ahead! I spend all my recent free time looking for the prefect place to live & have 30 days in which to make this happen before I'm a homeless babe with an adorable, well groomed dog living under a bridge!!!! xoxoxoxox

Saturday, June 14, 2014

tulsa | may 2014

AMAZING view from my parent's downtown penthouse!
dinner @ my favorite dalesandro's with kim, richard, dillan & my parents!
birthday purses!
Dillan's dance recital!
Abuelo got tulips for Dillan!
Tiny Tap Dancer!
fun @ the pool with Dillan!
Utica Square with the parents!
Tea Party with my gal Dillan!
Delivering Maple Bacon chips to our new friends @ Saks Fifth Ave!

auntie meg + dillan!

You've got a friend, Megan!


thanks to merissa, I'm hooked on working out my brain

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence (in 119 days)!

lavender nails + new bracelet!

it doesn't take much to make me happy!