Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Presley!!!!

TWELVE years ago today, I JETTED to Los Angeles (from Tulsa), HAILED a cab to Brentwood, JUMPED in my car and SPED to Los Robles hospital in Thousand Oaks. Lucky for me, Danielle knew I was on my way and waited just long enough for me to arrive before she delivered the most BEAUTIFUL (future ford model) baby girl, PRESLEY MAKENA! Honey (Danielle's mom) and I "secretly" (the nurse yelled at us for being in the hall) stood outside the door waiting for signs of a baby. The very moment we heard Presley's first cry, we simultaneously burst into tears & jumping for joy! The day Presley was born is a day I will never forget.  It's one of the best to date! I am so thankful that I was there to witness such a special, sweet, considerate, adorable, funny, smart, entertaining, caring, beautiful, thoughtful, happy, friendly, darling of a girl enter this world! Watching her grow up makes me so happy!
poor presley has never seen my eyes by the looks of these photos!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Reclaimed Marble Field Trip

I had a way cool Friday morning in Pacoima with my favorite clients, tagging slabs of 1920's marble salvaged from the Roosevelt downtown! We are going back on Wednesday to see all the slabs we are interested in all cleaned up & narrow them down to the finals!
I wish I had been with my sweet Dad on his birthday, but will have to wait until October where we meet up in Austin for Paige + Wes's wedding!!!!

the Nautical Chic fruits of my Friday night!

meet my maternal grandparents!

Do I look like Dorismae Beecham & Martin Luther Watts?

reunited after a week apart!!!!!

our favorite, Merissa took a new job around the corner & it was a tough week without her. We caught up Friday night @ Dominick's happy hour & can't wait for our next catch up!!!!!

this weekend I was a paintaholic!

It was HOT. I stayed in most of the weekend in the cool cool air (thank you Scannell family for my air conditioner) painting a bench, the legs on my sofa, a tree trunk side table & my Direction Up sign! Still need to work on all of them, but put in some serious hours thus far!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Dad!

You look amazing for having a 38 year old daughter! You have a wonderful sense of humor, I can always count on you, you are perfectly sarcastic, have a new hip & knee, love to body surf, always win rotisserie league baseball, you are amazingly witty, have those cool new navy glasses, a savvy entrepreneur, sophisticated, snooty, extremely generous, preppy, well read, hard working, hip to the scene, fun to be with, great to bounce ideas off, clever, you used to have a trainer named Lance, you're an avid connoisseur of baseball, I always look forward to spending time with you and of course -no one is better to go to the Negro Leagues Hall of Fame with! xoxoxo I can't wait to hang out every second when you move back to California!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

sunday eve with the scannell family!

I met up with karen & her family for a lovely eve @ the farmer's market! we ate banana leaf (my first time), discussed life, proved the dylan's candy bar lady wrong with the NKOTB long playing, ran into long lost friends, snuck fries from the kids, watched terry @ work, I thanked them non stop for the air conditioning unit they gave me, made hot plans & had a joyful time!!!!
Thanks to Sweeni for taking me out of my unpacking frenzy & making me walk around the corner to get a flaming margarita @ el compadre! I had a fab time with my new neighbor!!!

map wall in the kitchen!

rose bowling!