Sunday, June 17, 2012

meet my new bicycle!

could you just die of adorableness when you see my cream Linus birthday bike f?? we got the keys to your new venice house, went over to perform some light cleaning, had a portion split @ lemonade, walked walter up & down abbot kinney, eyed the best picnic table around, purchased perrier & paper towels, measured the rooms, debated wallpaper, attempted to power wash the exterior, met our new neighbors (katy, david, penny & hank - P & H are dogs), took the bad sliding doors off our closet, purchased expensive bike locks and then picked up our brand new bicycles & rode them to our new abode!!! I LOVE my bike - it's the cutest!!! -


Anonymous said...

I learned from the space program that when the capsule went behind the moon there was a prolonged and quite anxious quiet spell. Today it is the darkside of the internet, when you move and have no hook-up, and blogs disappear behind that massive orbiter.......... Oak Park to Venice....Where are you, Meg?

Kswiss said...

That is the best picnic table ever!