Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm now a Venice dweller!

whiny night movers (finished the big cross town move @ 1am last friday), creepy alley hobo who was really sad we were moving (what!?), 2am champagne toast to our new beach bungalow, power washing research, a lot of brentwood country mart, sleep deprived, apple juice in glass apples, thank you notes, emergency locksmith, verizon fios vs. time warner, longest line ever to return internet box, peeling floors, crazy crazy work schedule, mirror & ship metal cart battles, stubbed toes, possible broken nose, spackling, new hardware store locating, cleaning the old place, domino mag mishap, 2 bob's market runs, abbot kinney strolling, broccoli from lemonade, a few melt downs (one because I don't know how to ride or lock a bike), shrimp tacos with avocado, tri tip with ben, biking to whole foods for a lime, organizing, my first pot lid holder, dj booth in the kitchen, fire alarm set off by the clothes steamer, fig newton craving, when's trash day?, need any boxes?, farmers marketing & cuddling in my bed with mia, dahlia, walter & sara. NEED: butcher block cart, curtains, wallpaper, to paint the walls, an umbrella, string lights, dog door, child safety gate & for the floors to be re-done!

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