Friday, September 30, 2011

keep calm and carry on

we get it, we get it, keep calm & carry on posters are totally passé. so passé that they're now all the rage again? not exactly. once the world war II morale booster made appearances on band aids (yep, I have them), mugs & every other object you could imagine, the coolness factor was lost! my print is a first run additon purchased officially from barter books in london (the poster's birth place) and not a cheesy copy from target!  I've had it for many many years & gave them to all my best friends. I intend to keep it in my possession & we'll ride the trends together! keep calm & carry on currently resides in the kitchen!


Anonymous said...

This poster is well placed! The frenetic environment of the food preparation area mirrors the mood of this 1939 wartime reminder to the Btitish citizenry...(Your life is in peril, have some tea). It was one of several posters provided by the British Government to bolster and strengthen the resolve of the population during the early days of WW2. The more popular ,but less postered, slogan was "Your courage, your cheerfulness,your resolution will bring us victory" is now widely used by high school football coaches.

sarah said...

I see this saying on EVERYTHING- shirts, coffee mugs, stationary, pens - i'm over it! Looks cute in your kitchen tho!

Anonymous said...

You were the first person I knew to have this! Let us know what the next trend will be :)