Friday, September 30, 2011


paige & wes are bf/gf, I gave walter a tasting of coconut & he threw up (live & learn), 17 days until maui, it's impossible to get a reservation at son of a gun, hillary hired a man to make tacos at her fall fiesta party tomorrow night, abuelo & tay tay (my parents grandma & grandpa names) are taking dillan to toy story on ice this afternoon, happy birthday thatcher & rebecca!, sara - who cuts ashley's hair?, melissa is the new paige & sweeni, do you want to come to my housewarmer?, I'm excited for logan & sara's bloody mary/ breakfast burrito birthday party on sunday, my new tan dr. scholls exercise sandals just arrived (jump on the trend I am starting), bathing suits aren't in season anymore and I got a new sewing machine (thanks to the generosity of my lovely parents)!!!

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