Friday, September 16, 2011

cabbage patch kid comeback!

my mom resurrected my NINE cabbage patch kids (cheers to the best parents around) from their 25 year slumber in multiple attics, garages & basements yesterday so that my niece, dillan grace, could experience what adopting a baby from a cabbage patch was like (it's a thrill)! the poor things were a little dirty, so they were given a gentle (super creepy looking) soaking & set out to dry in the sun. jane & I had a fun walk down memory lane chatting about all things CPK- the horse named abe, what a cornsilk baby was, beau's doll Ramsey, all the weird names, the one that you could take in the bath tub, the time my dad drove to another state to score me a doll, the infamous put an "A" at the end of any boy doll's name on his birth certificate & no one will be the wiser theory (my first cabbage patch kid was named JOHN-A & I believed it was a girl)!!!, the preemies, the world travelers (penelope from holland rocked), xavier roberts & more!


Anonymous said...

This photo is more than awesome!! An image that can be viewed as both a heartwarming promise of a better life, or the sad fact that we are all in this dirty world together, just waiting for the wash/spin cycle to drown us all. This should be offered in a blind bid to that overpowering capitalistic thug, Getty Images,Inc. which owns and controls over 80 million photos..none of them more special than this one.

sarah said...

omg i had the one from holland too! too funny!

Anonymous said...

oh so funny and creepy! remember the corn silk ones with the soft hair? - brooke