Friday, September 16, 2011

happy birthday presley!!

NINE years ago today, I JETTED to Los Angeles (from Tulsa), HAILED a cab to Brentwood, JUMPED in my car and SPED to Los Robles hospital in Thousand Oaks. Lucky for me, Danielle knew I was on my way and waited just long enough for me to arrive before she delivered the most BEAUTIFUL (future ford model) baby girl, PRESLEY MAKENA!

Honey (Danielle's mom) and I "secretly" (the nurse yelled at us for being in the hall) stood outside the door waiting for signs of a baby. The very moment we heard Presley's first cry, we burst into tears and began jumping up and down! The day Presley was born is a day I will never forget, it is up there as one of the best to date! I am so thankful that I was there to witness such a special, sweet, considerate, adorable, funny, smart, entertaining, beautiful, thoughtful, happy, friendly, darling of a girl enter this world! Watching her grow up makes me so happy!

To celebrate turning 9, Presley's being taken out of school (she had no idea) and surprised with a fun family day at Disneyland! Aunt Tay Tay wishes she could be there! Happy Birthday Pres!
poor presley has never seen my eyes by the looks of these photos!!!

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