Tuesday, August 2, 2011

exactly a week ago, jane & steve took me on a whirlwind trip to home depot hollywood! we stocked up on succulents, annuals, indoor plants, soil, pots, weed killer and gardening tools galore, my dad gave day laborers false hope & we headed back to the Siciliano-Taylor compound to garden (my mom had a landscape company when I was little called Taylor Gardens, so she knows what she's doing)! thank you thank you thank you to my parents for weeding for 2 hours straight in serious heat, teaching me to prune roses (5 leaf theory) & cut back trees & bushes (we filled 2 giant trash bags) and advising me on all things gardening! I think of them every time I walk out my door!!!!
BEFORE: over grown, dead plants & weedy!
BEFORE: no pretty plants, just weeds!
my sweet Dad weeding our walk way!
pretty flowers to add curb appeal!


Shayna Rose said...

It looks so beautiful now!

Jacqueline said...

looks beautiful....nice job!