Sunday, July 31, 2011

equestrian chic!

on our cab ride to the see gladys night (no pips), we hatched the clever plan to take the train to the del mar horse races! what a fun adventure! we rode the amtrak train (a first for me) from union station to solana beach & a double decker bus to the race track. we stayed for all 8 races, forgot to bet on the winner jetset (so sorry mom!), saw alli jensen's dad, studied the racing form, ate some interesting cuisine, marveled at the union station floor (gorgeous), scratched a bunch of horses, napped on the ride home (why does the train keep the lights on?), saw the benefits of first time lasix first hand, hung out on the paddock, got the inside scoop on the jockeys & trainers from my dad, sat in business class, drank a bloody mary, won a little, split a fig, took a ton of photos, witnessed my dad drown his iphone in his drink (procured a bag of uncooked rice for his phone) & took a bad tip from simon the sportscaster! thank you to hillary & missy for taking care of walter & making the day possible!
the train coming from san diego was 45 minutes late to us in solana beach so we sprawled out on the ant covered platform & gazed up at the stars!

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