Friday, July 22, 2011

dolly parton @ hollywood bowl!!!!

I read a review of a recent dolly show where they said she was FABULOUS! I am muy muy excited to spend the eve under the stars with Dolly and jaime padula byrne (just heard she was going tonight too)!

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Anonymous said...

This is a lady I saw alot of ( which was an easy thing to do by the way) when I worked as a doorman at a westside hotel back in the day. She stayed at the hotel so many times that the ownership named a room after her, just as they did for Grace Kelly after her tragic car accident in 1982. I knew them both, casually, and they were very pleasant with their conversational ways while waiting for their limos to wisk them off to their city affairs. Dolly,apparently, has the staying power of marine spar varnish as she serenades our citizens one more time.