Friday, July 22, 2011

the latest & greatest

there's white slime mold on our grass (could you just die?), I can't wait to see dolly all dolled up tonight (I'm told her costume changes are often), my parents arrive on monday evening (I am beyond thrilled), gladys knight & the pips will entertain us next wednesday @ the bowl, pour la pooch finally fit walter in, danielle loved camp curry & yosemite, we're planning yet another blow out garage sale for august 13th (we're paring down to our 15 favorite items- right honey?), we walked to sur la table last night and got our dream flatware!!!!!, the rosewood tavern baked potato was pretty decent, shhh!!! going to a surprise party tomorrow and I'm turning an obese man's ethnic floor length tunic into a cute mini dress! what's new with you?
blurry work in progress...
olive wood flatware made in the mountains of france!

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