Friday, September 24, 2010


chivalry is not dead! my valentine's party will be saturday february 5th - mark your calendar! The nurse finally stabbed one of my rolly veins & drew blood after endless pricks! I finally replaced my lost mascara! grapefruit perrier has been spotted in plastic bottles thus squashing my theory that the flavor is being phased out! I'm getting my haircut tomorrow! Sweeni is the new Paige! Mia has become rather tight with Eddie Fisher's family! Jaime & her niece Stella will have their first meeting this weekend! Richard's on his 'cruise to lose' ship! I'm going parking tomorrow night at the drive-in (super dreamy)! my cousin Jaimie made it to Tulsa! Presley's campaign will be up and running soon! I made out like a bandit at a thrift store in sun valley today (3 interesting shirts & an odd gift)! Danielle & I have developed an new inter office mail delivery system! Boys find you hotter if you sew! The decapitated chicken pile has been removed by animal control! I'm breakfasting tomorrow!

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kim t said...

i have been drinking the pink grapefruit plastic bottled perrier! it tastes goooooooooooood!
they sell at QT! p.s. going to anthropologie this weekend