Monday, September 20, 2010

another scooping attempt...

I had a very action packed blur of a weekend that kicked off Thursday night and included more fun than a girl really knows what to do with - acclimating walter to venice (he really seems to be at his jolliest there), taco trucks, townhouse, bread & butter, art crawling, hobo beer hand offs, licky fingers & his wine, playdate invitations for walter & ziggy, disneyland?, my very own matching chollo house slippers wrapped up fabulously, I don't drool when I sleep (put that in your journal),  stamps with your face on them, ben rich sightings, another scooping attempt but I've already been scooped, bathroom invitations, memories of past sluts, westlake high reunion with the "he's smitten" gal, " she's looking at you like you're lunch" - great line, cashew central, no one wants to befriend us, I love christmas parties, burning man stories (& parents that give BM tickets for your 45th birthday), Walter's current obsession with brazil nuts & peeing on carpet & turtles that may only live 18 days, multiple fortune cookies & $1 salad, hay party recap w the band, police bust, the scarf lover, flaunting my ID bracelet, thrift store scouring in bad parts of town, undercover celeb stalking @ lucky strike with mia, grown men wearing light up heelys, salisbury steak & grapefruit peelings @ sls, bathroom countering, 30 seconds of magic, hidden bananas that future postcards will explain, presley's campaign is about to hit the web, wife beatering & delicious cold french toast from a baggie! I can't imagine you had a better weekend than me.

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