Sunday, August 10, 2008

Manhattan Beach BRUNCH

Johonna & Aaron are in town from Singapore, on a suicide mission FOR THE WEEKEND! Johonna's parents (Irv & Cyn) had lively & packed brunch to celebrate! We all miss Jo so much and it was so great to see her, if only for a few hours!

Sara, Mia, Meg, Johonna & Sara
Jo doing the famous "keppe holder" move...
Meg with Jo's niece, NOA RUBY (AKA Suri Cruise)! - Why do I always have this major pronounced vein on my forehead- what gives mom & dad??
My present for Noa...It was a bib and she told me she plans to wear it every time she eats!


SUMMER said...

Oh my gosh! I too have a pronounced vein on my forehead!!!

hub of the house said...

Summer- what is WRONG with us???

Anonymous said...

Loved having you ladies over. I wish it were for much longer. Noa Ruby loved all her auntie's friends. Back in Singapore now and missing you. xoxoxo