Sunday, March 16, 2008

Showing the New Yorker a good time...

After a bang trim, a trip to trader joes and a full day of spring cleaning with vinegar (I learned you can clean anything with some sort of vinegar concoction - and I did!), I joined Paige, Tabatha and Kristin (Paige's fashionable friend in town from NYC for market week) at Dominick's to watch them eat. After their salads, gnocchi, roasted potatoes, calamari, gelato and my search for Kip, we were off to Villa (the new hot spot on Melrose) - well of course we were turned away along with Diane Von Furstenberg's instead we had a rap party in the car while driving to Citizen Smith to meet up with Tristant and the Wisconsins! Dear Lord, This is living! - notable mentions: Wilmer & Paige shocker, San Diego Brandon scandal, the gamble house, Pasadena rocks, $20 valet, dancing man on the street, pineapple grappa and of course BBM.

Mitch, Todd, Tabatha, statue, Brad & Meg
Waiting for our $20 valeted car
Paige & Tabatha taking a breather during our rap-a-thon...

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