Sunday, July 21, 2013


lauren, mia & I are the most adventurous renegaders in all the land! we boarded the metro in culver city (so fun), made 3 train/ line changes & ended up @ the los angeles state historic park for the renegade craft fair! highlights include, but are not limited to: surfas & lakeshore pre train stock up, tap cards, mojito popsicles, union station, chinatown, explaining french dip sandwich wars (coles vs. phillipes), running for trains, giving birth in a pool in your living room conversations, cute sandals, I only pay in gold $1 coins, butterfly exhibit & pretty print for dahlia, larchmont, cute kid boutique brainstorming, sewing, citrus wet wipes, mass consumption of crinkle cut french fries, asked an excellent photographer to snap a few, journalism camp, paper flowers, etsy come to life, picnic planning, sweat & no hair ties, bravehearts are the best, being kicked off the train for not properly tapping, how to transport bikes, animals & strollers on the metro?, counting crows & wallflowers backstage passes, best parks, some unsavory moments (as most great adventures have) and most importantly - heidi klum!

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