Monday, June 24, 2013

superba snack bar!

shayna & mia took me to superba snack bar to celebrate my birthday! highlights from the wild night include, but are not limited to: can you believe I am still celebrating my birthday?, fox & sony's secret preschool (shhh!), mint is delicious, the good life, road tripping to have a slumber party with sara, missing sara, sara's loft, where should we dine when sara is here next (connie & ted's!!!!), sea urchin for the very first time - I am a brave eater, mia's new wine kick (she loves the stuff), fun florida stories, pasta shapes, beautiful sunset, car test drives, babies that sleep through the night (yay) and breaking news (during dinner) - baby kimye finally has a name: north west (we still think it's a fake out)!

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