Wednesday, October 31, 2012

what makes me happy?

In recent times of sadness & dispare (my elementary school & blogger friend Marina's nanny murdering her sweet babies, Leo & Lulu), I thought I should make a list of what currently makes me happy to balance out the extreme sick to my stomach feeling I've had since I heard the horrific news last thursday. Here goes... wrapping presents (just wrapped one for missy), my super cool parents, girl's nights, orange solo cups (way cuter than red & only available around halloween), omisubi, cuddling with walter, iced espresso, grapefruit perrier, surfas kitchen supply store in culver city (so cool), living near the beach, my favorite tv shows (mad men, parenthood, hart of dixie, revenge, 30 rock, gossip girl - don't you judge me), lollia lotion, day trips, parties, kim & richard's 11/23 wedding, getting sneak peeks into your life through instagram, oysters, my friends, the holidays, my niece dillan (she's going to be four 11/25), silhouettes, bravehearts, riding my bike, shayna's closet remodel which results in 2 bags clothes for me & painting my nails (I'm turning into mia)!


Anonymous said...

Your comment on Zach's super cleverness juxtaposes nicely with the power outage in lower Manhatten. Bypassing a natural disaster causation, Zach simply stuck a fork in one of our wall outlets and took down our power supply (he was just a tyke at the cute..and so clever).

shannon grethel said...

Meg- You are so cute! I needed this today. I always check my friends blogs, yours and marinas included, almost daily. It feels so wierd that hers isn't there now. I am heartbroken for them. Hope you are doing well. xoxo-Shannon