Tuesday, October 30, 2012

oh joy!

I've been following Joy Cho's blog OH JOY! for a several years now & now on instagram. She's been on my radar ever since I attended a lecture series on design technology & blogging during la cienega design quarter's annual design event. She was a charismatic panelist & she wowed me by turning her lifestyle blog into a profitable business selling advertising to companies she's madly in love with! Paige, Melissa & I attended her book signing a couple of weeks ago at west elm (they only stayed for 10 minutes because they had hot thursday night plans). In their absence, I sipped mocktails, swooned over geronimo balloon troopers frills, took bad looking photos in the smile box photo booth, tasted heirloom la's finest hors d'oeuvres, bought her book, Blog Inc. and participated in a little Q & A! I was in heaven & am so happy I stayed after M + P ditched out! It is my plan that after I read this book I will know all the secrets to captivate readers, seem more witty, and make millions!

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