Monday, August 13, 2012

oyster-a-thon saturday!

my dad & I had a super fun Saturday simply eating oysters! we had breakfast @ gjelina on abbot kinney, I ordered oysters & they got jealous so they ordered some too! our favorites were the kumamoto oysters & we gave them B+. we had such fun grading oysters (my dad loves to grade every activity we do) that we decided to meet up in a few hours for MORE OYSTERS! we rendezvoused at 3pm for 2 dozen more oysters @ blue plate oysterette on ocean in santa monica. our favorites this time were definitely the chunu & we gave them an A-. After our super fun oyster-a-thon, I dropped my dad @ LAX - it was a tear free goodbye because we'll be reunited on Thursday morning!! we have hot plans to continue our oyster-a-thoning when he returns!

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Anonymous said...

I just experienced a creepflash, ( with the current predictions for a zombie apocalypse for 2012..will the zombies start grading us like oysters? Just more things to worry about!!