Monday, August 13, 2012

dodgers vs. cubs!

dodger game friday 8/3! we took bad quality photos, had grilled dodger dogs (you've got to get grilled), were quizzed by my dad on retired players jerseys, the boys talked fantasy league baseball a lot, my mom read her kindle, I randomly came out of a bathroom stall & there was my mom, we laughed, we didn't cry, we saw a great fireworks show (friday night games have fireworks at the end of the eve, we arrived super early to watch batting practice, we thought it odd that it was star trek night, we all took a few sips of beer, my dad & I rooted for the cubs, I tried jane's garlic fries (yum), we reminisced about dodger games past & finished off the night with a trip to tommy's (no one got shot)!

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