Wednesday, June 27, 2012

my new life in venice...

moving day. goodbye cute spanish duplex
our chalkboard is up, 

 "nautical chic" paper straws (I've always wanted them)!!
faceless night biking at whole foods!
Dahlia & Walter getting cozy (D's word)!
Mia, Dahlia, Walter & Meg getting cozy!
Meg, Sara & Mia @ the farmers market!!!
Meg & Kristen! vote for her @
because she's the best pilates teacher in the land!!!
this is our new venice bungalow!
our furniture matches our house!
a little guacamole to make moving easier...
our first meal in the front yard (tri tip sandwiches) with special guest Ben.
newly tufted sofa cushions!
we have SO MANY boxes!!!!

resting from all the excitement
the horns were the first thing to go up!
I heart my bike!

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