Wednesday, June 27, 2012

happy belated 34th birthday Beau!

My brother, Beau, turned 34 years old last Friday - June 22nd!!! I was deep in my move to Venice & didn't get a chance to blog his special day! Beau is the friendliest, funniest, fellow around & has more friends then all of us put together! When we were little and vacationing in Maui, Beau made friends with EVERYONE (young and old) at the hotel. As our family walked around all week, we were ALWAYS greeted by strangers -  "Hey Beau!" or "Beau- thanks for the strawberry smoothie!" - turns out Beau had made friends with every single person at our hotel & not knowing strawberry smoothies by the pool cost money, had gotten them for all his new pals and charged them to our room! You just can't help but LOVE Beau- his tough guy exterior is a front for the sweetness and compassion on the inside. He regularly coos over babies and cries at the zoo or animal shelter at the sight of caged animals. He is great at making up pool games, very smart & clever, fantastic at spreading the rumor that kimo leopoldo died (TMZ & the world bought into that), he's an amazing radio personality & athlete, an entrepreneur, quite the ufc fight announcer, a wonderful friend, father to my darling niece Dillan & brand new niece Charlie, brother and son! He's definitely the one to call if you need a joke and the guy you want on your side if a fight is about to break out. Beau can woo anyone with his charisma, smooth talking & charm! He will give you the shirt off his back (chances are the arms will be tight because he learned to sew just so he can have tight-armed t-shirts), he has a recent fascination with wearing suits and loves jack purcell tennis shoes! I want to publicly apologize for pulling the red wagon hard while you were standing up in it (stitches), making you drink rubbing alcohol that my earrings were sitting in, standing by as you almost drown in the toilet and stealing family cats and dogs from your bed while you were asleep!!! You are a wonderful brother even when I am a terrible sister! I LOVE YOU. Hope you are having the best birthday ever!!!

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