Friday, May 4, 2012

get yourself up to speed!

L & E Oyster Bar in silverlake this evening is dreamy, happy 30th birthday shayna! happy 33rd birthday jessica! the mcniece's are in kauai, melissa invited me to her bf's sketch comedy show sunday night at 11pm - wanna come?, follow me on instagram @firstnamemeg, follow my mom on instagram @firstnamejane, tom bergins re-opens any day now- who wants to go with me??,  my dad's hip surgery recovery is going really well, beau's baby due date has moved up to  may 21st, shayna's birthday party is tomorrow night in santa monica, we get to meet sara's bf at shayna's birthday, jen joined instagram, my birthday is in one month & 3 days, I'm excited for girls night on tuesday with lauren & jen AND I'm so happy you're reading my blog!

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Anonymous said...

Your excitement about spending time with Zach's family might diminish just a tad when I corner you and give you the four-hour-frustration-a-thon-run-down on my recent experience as a juror on a 4 1/2 week murder trial in the Ventura County Courthouse...Hall of Justice..not!