Wednesday, April 25, 2012

3rd annual trifecta!

Danielle, Alex & Joy celebrated their April birthdays with a bang saturday night @ the mermaid tavern! It was a wild time - secrets were revealed, Kevin made a donut run, I heard stories of my god daughter Campbell (as you may recall I became a god mother to Campbell last trifecta & get to pay for her rehearsal dinner), L names for the spruill's 3rd baby were brainstormed (and later posted to fb page), we acted like high schoolers, we bragged about our kids (Walter rocks), gossip was spread, espadrilles & nude pumps were premiered, Presley's a ford model, we posted to instagram, , we're going to meet at the hotel bel air since that's where Sara & Kevin were married, we laughed non stop, a work out with Richard Simmons is in our future, we danced, posed with a strange elderly man, these gals are no stranger to j. crew, conejo deals coupons were stuffed into all our purses, trips were planned, we talked about the dance we learned at the first trifecta (girls you know what I am talking about), Joy's neighbor made super cute favors, horseback riding to mexican food was fondly remembered by a select few, we saw some interesting iphone pics, not everyone had a good hair night, vikings were a hot topic, , Christina wore darling pants, there were a lot of eyelash extensions in the house, heard a few gaggy stories & there was a 1am wendy's run!!! As you can see, the 3rd annual trifecta was the place to be!!!

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