Wednesday, April 25, 2012

we took american idol by storm

thanks to my neighbor tom for getting us VIP tickets & danielle's ability to charm security guards (she is AMAZING), we sat right behind the idol judges!!! We learned how much hairspray j.lo uses (omg - sooo much), watched her kiss casper, chatted it up with our buddy ryan seacrest from our days at telepictures together, wished we'd brought signs (mine would say: "Stephen Taylor is my father"!), pretended to be Josh's biggest fans & mentioned fantasia in camera for, watched ourselves on the monitor a lot, snuck around the cbs lot, ran into will marguggi in the press tent, hung out with mia (she was covering for people) & later had dinner with her, broke the rules: wore heels & snuck our phones into the studio via our bras, text our friends to say we were behind randy, waived to tom, smiled and clapped a lot, used a port-o-potty (eeewwww) and had a super fun time american idoling!!!

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