Tuesday, March 13, 2012

richard reunion

karen, christy, richard & I reunited tonight to sweat to the oldies! we decided to try out "the other side of the room", as creatures of habit, it was an area we had never ventured! we walked 20-30 steps, put our bags down & were immediately approached by a disapproving elderly regular with a super annoying voice. she told us not to waste our energies (christy & I were practicing fake cheerleading kicks) because this class is tough (oh really lady? because we've never been here before & we have no idea what we're in for). NEXT she warned us, since this is obviously our first class, that her area in the very front was too tough of a spot for us & it's reserved for the best students that really know the moves. she went as far as to say, we will be repeatedly kicked and may break an arm because we won't be able to keep up with the moves!!! I tried to get the gals to go back to our usual spot, but they stood their ground. we didn't budge & spent the entire class WOWING her with our over the top perfection!!! our number one mission became to kick higher than anyone, smile bigger & constantly, never break for water & perform each & every move with proper technique - all while looking @ her in the mirror!! It didn't hurt when richard was hugging & kissing us (yes, this is gross) & telling us he loves having us & thanks for always bringing our friends!!!!


Anonymous said...

Mental note: irasible old people motivate Meg...work on voice.

kwiss said...