Sunday, March 18, 2012


Last week I did a 12236 Dorothy Street driveby, like I often do, when I'm in Brentwood. It's my grandparents former house that they purchased for $19,000 in 1946. After college & my grandpa had passed away, I had the chance of a lifetime to live at 12236 with my grandma (the coolest grandma ever) for a couple of years! A giant contemporary structure has taken the two bedroom california bungalow with the immaculate garden's place (my grandpa was in the nursery business & head landscaper at UCLA), but just being on that street, at that address, floods me with million happy memories & sometimes a few happy tears!

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Anonymous said...

Going back to a specific location that has a special emotional response can have an ethereal mind-heart-google-mapping quality to it. I visited my grandmother's house on Radnar Street in Long Beach a number of years ago and sat in my car in front of that old stucco box and let my own memories put me in the backseat of the family car driving on a brand new freeway past a sign with a weird cartoon guy holding a mallet behind his back looking down at a mouse... driving past that sign on the 101 has always made me think of Radnar Street.