Thursday, February 23, 2012

mia's birthday dinner SANS mia!

shayna, sara & I celebrated mia's 35th birthday (sans mia) last night with a lovely sushi dinner @ wabi sabi in venice! there were gifts (all unopened), we enjoyed a birthday bento box dessert & sang to an empty chair, alcoholic grapefruit drinks were consumed, we figured mia could chime in on the sonja dakar horror stories, edamame was shared (we thought to our selves, "mia would really enjoy this delicious edamame"), the wind blew out her candle & funny "mia" stories were told (she would have laughed too)! next year we hope mia can be there to help celebrate!!!
shayna, sara & meg - all looking in different directions for this high quality iphone photo taken by the sweet wabi sabi valet!!!!


Anonymous said...

Clutched firmly in Megan's left hand (nice nails!) is a daffodil bloom, a popular early-spring-flowering bulb in the narcissus family. Florists cast a watchful eye at this particular life form because of the calcium oxalate in it's sappy stems, it causes a dermatological problem called Daffodil Itch. Enjoy, but watch out for the stems and be sure to tell the birthday gal.

Anonymous said...

Very wise