Thursday, February 23, 2012

domino magazine is coming back on April 17th (for a quick second)

Domino magazine is still my all time favorite magazine!!! I have every issue (as do most of my friends) & consult them for ideas often. When I heard that the magazine was being cancelled in 2009 I went into a sad depression that never went away - UNTIL TODAY!!!!!
Looky what the LA Times just told me....

When Domino succumbed to declining advertising and folded in 2009, fans of the youthful home decorating magazine were heartbroken. Apparently sensing that their love is still alive, Conde Nast Editorial Director Thomas J. Wallace announced Tuesday that a special Quick Fixes edition of Domino will be available on newsstands April 17.
Domino's Quick Fixes, which is still in the planning stages, will mix new and previously published content, said Susan Portnoy, vice president of corporate communications and digital strategy at Conde Nast.
"We love that there is still that Domino lover out there,"  Portnoy said. "The best thing about the magazine will remain the same -- all the great ways that you can make a big difference without a huge amount of time and effort."
A news release described Quick Fixes as "Domino's best home decorating stories, focusing on easy, often inexpensive changes that make a big difference -- from quick spruce-ups of dowdy furniture to more involved DIY projects like painting stairs or reorganizing a home office." 
Quick Fixes will be available through July 16. Price: $10.99. A second issue is planned for the fall, although the subject matter is not known at this time.
Portnoy dismissed the idea of a campaign to bring the magazine back, but she did acknowledge, "We know that we have a very passionate audience."

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Anonymous said...

The following for Domino is kinda Oprahish. There is a stack at my house. Domino needs to quit being bitches and publish magazines again.

"It's great that we are still loved.. etc.."
Shut up domino

All this is so Swedish.