Tuesday, January 17, 2012


sara became a brunette! yay! paige & wes are moving to a cute bungalow in santa monica! my parents are going to rent the cute bungalow in santa monica from them for three weeks in august! yay! yay! I loved watching betty white's 90th birthday special - she's so cute! yay! kassi’s birthday is friday! my mom arrives february 2nd for a long weekend!, mad men starts back on march 25th! I'm going to have another niece! yay! shayna's loaning me her puffy jacket for my portland trip! yay! we had a shameless & boardwalk empire marathon this weekend! yay! I have the best boyfriend in the world! danielle convinced me to join instagram! our neighbor adopted a miniature schnauzer named fitzgerald! I haven't smoked a cigarette in a year & 3 days! yay! walter will be three in one week! we looked at a few places in venice over the weekend! brian made an apple pie from scratch! yay! my television moved from the closet to the kitchen & looks built in! 

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Anonymous said...

Oh goody!! There is nothing like pre-dawn-coffee-powered-inspiration to spice up the blog output. While Zach oversleeps his alarm clock you can pound out some real zingers...and Walter can plant himself at your feet and wonder "What the hound is up? We're moving again?".