Sunday, January 22, 2012

my weekend!

my mom & I FACE TIMED for an hour yesterday & it was THE BEST BEST BEST! We loved being able to see each other - she showed me her new haircut, the valentine supplies she picked up for the party (she'll be here) & their newest art that just returned from the framer. I showed her our sofa, my latest valentine adornments & walter! face timing wouldn't be possible without adrian (he gave me his old iphone 4, In other weekend news: I joined instagram (follow me- firstnamemeg)!

valentine adornments gathered by the taylor gals this weekend...

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Anonymous said...

I still have a 1999 Volkswagon New Beetle in use somewhere up in the Portland area, for now. I think these car brands are Germany's plan to get back at us for winning WW2... death by a thousand cuts. First, lure us into speedy, sporty, and sexy (convincingly marketed) automobiles, and then bleed us dry as we anguish over the dilemma of throwing good money after bad. A cruel fate indeed!