Tuesday, November 22, 2011


teen vogue arrived! yay! shayna has a new la mag blog called afternoon cram! my niece dillan will be THREE on friday! yay! I have decided to have a NYE (that mean new year's eve) party! the world now thinks I dated brad pitt! yay! pj & jaime are hosting 26 people for thanksgiving (I am thankful for them)! I'm making my famous sweet potatoes for the big event! paige & wes are moving in with each other! I get to see my family in exactly one month! yay! yay! I won all the games @ patrice's baby shower last weekend (and the prizes)! lawson fenning has a website now! the garlocks are going to kauai for christmas! lindsay's wedding reception is right around the corner! sara's doie robes made it into us weekly! I haven't seen that creep with long dirty fingernails who always asks for tylenol in my neighborhood lately! double yay!

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Anonymous said...

A hole in one. The insurance chumps who bankroll those hole in one contests on local golf links put the odds at about 15000 to 1 ( for a 150 yard 3 par like #17 at Olivas Links, yes!!!). That is about the same as bowling a 300, winning an academy award (no kidding..check yourself), or an american being able to speak Cherokee. That Bob must have been one u-tse-sti as-ga-ya (grinning man).