Tuesday, November 8, 2011

when I'm not on an exotic vacation to maui or palm springs, I spend my weekends...

well, I spent this weekend... drinking a cream soda @ apple pan, making a delicious pot roast, searching craigslist for mid century sofas, fabric shopping, googling: thomas paul oceana fabric, taking a ride to a motorcycle repair shop, napping, falling back, searching for reclaimed wood for our headboard, cleaning my home, drinking mai tais, getting excited for sam & adrian's wedding in cambria this upcoming weekend, almost going to breakfast @ salt's cure, watching every episode of hart of dixie (don't judge, I like it!), stalking you on facebook, drinking espresso from the commissary, joyriding with walter, larchmonting, waiting for you to invite me to something fun, missing my parents, making ceviche, consulting with danielle on dresses via text, drinking perrier & a german perrier-like substance and purchasing a lot of meat @ the new cool butcher called lindy & grundy!

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