Monday, November 7, 2011

ladies & gents: meet our new $150 elderly lady craigslist sofa!!!

please note: this is a BEFORE photo & as soon as we decide on a fabric (we need 16 yards for this 8 foot long piece of excitement with good bones), it will be swept away to the upholsterer's shop to be stripped down to the frame & built back up again! we are beyond excited, but currently scared to touch it or even get too close for fear of disease! thinking soot (dark navy) or a grey. thoughts?


Anonymous said...

So excited for u guys... 1970s style, when Zach was a baby his grandmother Crabe had this style in turquoise and greens.I remember it well and will be looking for photos of it. Robin

Anonymous said...

Check out the website and drool over (it will wipe right up!) the 10 guage plastic sofa coverings. They are actually made of soft vinyl..plastic gets a bad rap..and come in five (5) colors! The seams are on the inside of the product so they won't tear your stockings, and any lingering pests will suffocate in bed bug hell.

Shayna Rose said...

yay! That sofa's got a great bod!