Monday, July 11, 2011

eonline article about PJ...

P.J. Byrne is one lucky guy.

The funnyman isn't only in Horrible Bosses (out today), but his big scene involves having Jennifer Aniston's head between his legs...
Without revealing too much, I can tell you that Byrne appears alongside the Friends star with his pants down.

"I think that's how you want to meet people—with your pants off," Byrne cracked at the movie's Hollywood premiere. "It's a safer, fairer and more social way to meet people.

"It was emotional," he continued with a smile. "It was real. I don't think I performed as well as I could have... but it was intimate."

As we all know by now, Aniston had no problem getting naughty for her role. She plays an oversexed and very inappropriate dentist. "It was insane, but she was so cool and charming and lovely. Just a sweetheart," Byrne said.

But also a little shy when it came to filming some of the movie's more raunchy moments. "There were some days that it was a very, very closed set with very little crews," director Seth Gordon said, adding, "She's an incredible comedian. This really allows her to show that."

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