Monday, July 11, 2011

my weekend...

 ran 4 miles in the neighborhood (twice), pit stopped at shayna & jason's house for water & wedding chatting during the last leg of the run, grocery shopped at whole foods, unpacked & organized, did laundry (my first home with a washer & dryer!!!!!!), a few 1 mile walks for iced triple espressos, a stop at the mexican fruit cart (where they chop it all up & put it in a bag with lime & chile & salt), our cute british landlord wants to have a joint garage sale with us, we measured for custom iron curtain rods for the kitchen, the locksmith re-keyed all our locks, walter ate a dirty chicken bone on melrose & I shoved my hand down his throat to retrieve it, "misfits" marathon (BBC show we randomly became oddly addicted to), made cucumber water, wrote thank you notes, chatted with my parents about all the fun they're having with my cousin jill (she's in tulsa for her 30th high school reunion), regretfully ate a 7-11 ice cream sandwich & celebrated little terry's 5th birthday at his crazy fun sundaes on sunday backyard bonanza party with my pals!!

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