Thursday, June 9, 2011

nautical chic!

My birthday party at the santa monica flea market + a gardenia corsage + present presentation at the galley + so many gifts that are so MEG + champagne in coffee cups + wooden anchor necklaces + bacon donuts + my best friends + "nautical chic" attire = the best birthday EVER!!!

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Anonymous said...

What a pretty crew of young ladies! I was initially startled by the display of left-handed salutes. First, I considered it as a mocking tribute to the photoshopped ruse of President Obama's left-hand-over-the-heart response to the national anthem on the White House lawn in September,2009. It got major exposure on Fox News as I recall. Then I remembered that the sun often burns through the June gloom during the early afternoon in Santa Monica, and realized that it was just a little sun shading going on. Time for the sun block lassies.