Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Danielle, Alex & Joy celebrated their April birthdays with a bang in Calabasas saturday night! It was a wild time - secrets were revealed, I became a god mother to Campbell & get to pay for her rehearsal dinner, a few moms went down for the count early (or puked in a pitcher), we acted like high schoolers, we bragged about our kids (Walter rocks), gossip was spread, banksy made his mark, espadrilles were premiered, talked mod podge & softball, the fajitas looked pretty good, we laughed a lot, we drank out of plastic cups, there were heated debates, trips were planned, we talked about the dance we learned last year (girls you know what I am talking about), horseback riding to mexican food was fondly remembered by a select few, we learned of jail tattoos, saw tons of glittered jeans & inappropriate ensembles and heard a few gaggy stories!!! As you can see, it was a super fun night!!!

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