Wednesday, April 13, 2011

hard hitting news...

I painted the town red last night with karen & terry (such fun)!!, gavin is an amazing self taught tile installer, jen & thatcher are vacationing in wisconsin, danielle's vintage dr. scholls exercise sandals are a size 8 so she's not gifting them to me (I need a 7), my mom will be here in 15 days (that's the 28th for those doing the math) for a long weekend - I am soooo beyond excited for her visit!!!!, I didn't win the wallpaper repurposing competition, the banjo festival is now a may day bbq extravaganza, I'm enjoying tabatha's photos of her european adventure via facebook, I'll be at richard tomorrow night with karen, the airlines lost sara's suitcase (horrible!!),I'm excited for shayna's birthday brunch @ gjelina (so is Jane), tammy b adopted a baby boy, I'm officially looking to move to venice, evernote is a pretty great way to stay organized & I need to trim my bangs!

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