Monday, April 25, 2011

Cat T-Shirts Are Caterrific!

This is a fun & creepy story that my pal John wrote about his love & devotion of cat t-shirts. Enjoy!
Cat T-shirts are my favorite kind of t-shirts in the world. When I wear a cat t-shirt I feel stronger ... I feel like I belong to a society that is beautiful.

My Mom started me collecting cat t-shirts because I grew up with cats and love them so much. She thought it would be fun to get me a cat t-shirt in Catalina. Then she asked me what I wanted for Christmas three months later and I couldn't think of anything so I just blurted out "I want cat t-shirts ... that's it!!!" Now I have 28 cat t-shirts. People know me for my cat t-shirts. Some cat t-shirts are serious, some are cute, some are jokey, and all of them are delightful. Collecting cat t-shirts has become a nice hobby of mine, much like Fantasy Football or drinking alcohol.

I enjoy how collecting cat t-shirts makes me feel (people give me lots of attention and that is enjoyable), but I also like how cat t-shirts make others feel. My cat t-shirts always bring a smile to peoples faces and isn't that what life is all about. Maybe the retail associate, waitress, or receptionist is having a bad day ... a well chosen cat t-shirt can really turn their day around and make them smile and think, "hey life ain't that bad ... there's a cat on that t-shirt and that cat is wearing a Cowboy Hat and playing a guitar and saying, 'Play that Country Meowisc!' I am now going to have a better day because of that cat t-shirt!"

I also like to wear cat t-shirts because it keeps people guessing ... "Hey, why does that John Quinn wear cat t-shirts? Is he a weirdo?" I like to watch people go from confusion to understanding. Usually people are begging for more cat t-shirts after they have seen 5 or 6 of them. I also think people rally behind the collection because very few 37 year-old-men collect anything ... let alone t-shirts that have cats on them.

Cats can translate to kittens, house cats, lions, tigers, panthers, cartoon cats, and even cats with Gary Coleman faces ... there is a wide variety of cat t-shirts in the world and that makes me smile. I know there are many cat t-shirts out there that I have not seen and I intend on continuing to collect until I have them all. My ultimate dream would to one day ONLY have cat t-shirts in my wardrobe. I could live alone on cat t-shirts and I intend to.

In summary I love cat t-shirts because they make me and others happy. I think sometimes cats get a bad rap because they are pissy and anti-social, but most all cat t-shirts depict cats in a positive light ... if I can change societies view on cats in the process, I will do it. People have suggested that I start collecting puppy shirts or bear shirts and I just look at them and say ... "I collect cat t-shirts. If you like puppies then you should collect puppy t-shirts, but don't ask me to change who I am because you like puppies." I collect cat t-shirts because I am an individual, because I like cats, because they bring positive attention to me, and because they make others smile ... but most of all I collect cat t-shirts because they are Caterrific!

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Anonymous said...

I got stuck on the line that said *very few 37 year old men collect anything....". I think that this is slightly incorrect to a factor that would mathematically include almost every 37 year old male I have ever known.( i.e. Meg's steady, who collects sunglasses,old music recordings, button fly jeans, foreign coinage,and for a while..old rusty cars).While cat t shirts are a worthy subject of interest, some of the jazz tunes adrift out that upper story window on the Venice boardwalk are very sweet indeed.