Tuesday, March 29, 2011

congratulations everyone!

I'm learning calligraphy! paige has an awesome summer internship at an architectural firm downtown! brian ran a race & came in 7th! sam & adrian's save the dates return from the printer tomorrow & I'll start typing all the exciting details on my typewriter! I just got the shake it photo polaroid app & I like it! congrats! walter refrained from barking at a skateboard this morning! ali got the job she wanted! mia has the month of april off! my dad's getting a new range rover! I'll be 35 years old in 2 months & 9 days! my mom's coming to visit me on april 28th! I like my bangs! congrats! lauren always knows the best paint colors! the danielle/ alex/ joy trifecta birthday party is right around the corner! my gift wrapping is about to go BIG! congrats!


Danielle said...


Janie Taylor said...

I'm getting all revved about coming! I need some ole time California:)

Samantha Fallon said...

I love your blog!