Monday, September 20, 2010

presley's 8th birthday party!! AKA my first & last trip to chuck e. cheese

the only person in this entire world  that has the power to lure me to chuck e. cheese has succeeded! as a rule, I don't miss "presley parties" so I really didn't have a choice in the matter! highlights from the day included: decapitated giant chickens, kid/ parent stamps so you can't steal childen (clever touch), a tad too many jon benet ramsey look-alikes, the guillotine move by the crowned kid to his little sister, forearm tattoo lady with her bump-it, honey's tears of joy & safety talk, snakes with nixon, bad aunts that jam $20 in a card, the unfortunate brunch incident, dreaming of banana bread only to receive some, cute stationary & stamps!, mccartney's leering, the puerto rican princess, bree & presley's matching rompers, dairy allergies make for sad kids, the people tell me that costco cake is delicious, bad walter, french toast, more bacon than one gal should consume in a month, burger splitting, dog parking without socks and bbq ditching (I am awful)!!

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Danielle said...

Great documenting! Boy, you do not miss a beat! That's why its great to have you around at all times:)