Saturday, April 17, 2010

sweatin' to the oldies!

Karen & Anne invited me to Slimmons Studios in Beverly Hills for a motivational talk & a work out with Richard Simmons (it was disco day)! This morning was sooooo weird, soooo hilarious & quite delightful! I will for sure be there next week!

Richard & Meg - He was so sweet to me! He told the whole class I was going through a break up and in turn I got a lot of kind words & support from total strangers!
Meg & Anne about to share our top three magical moments with an intimate group of people! I was boosted up with positivity and applause!
Karen, Meg, Richard & Anne - such a funny morning!
Just the four of us and our jazz hands! It was an hour and a half of dancing, singing, aerobics, weights, sit ups, squats & push ups! The best was the warm down to Barbra Streisand - funny! We were sweaty messes!
Meg & Richard = Best Friends!
Our hello kiss! What a gross photo! I burst into laughter just looking at this.
Anne & Karen - THANK YOU for inviting me, it was a pleasure!
Anne & Richard - about to french kiss!
Mr. Simmons sure seemed to love photo ops with us!


sarah said...

breakup?? did I read that correctly?

Danielle said...

those are the sickest photos ever! you are WAY to close to his peen in that first pic. CREEPY and but in a completely hilarious way.