Saturday, April 17, 2010

babies & dogs

walter and I met up with mia & dahlia for the manhattan beach sidewalk sale! we chit chatted, walked the streets, found the new beehive, ran into blasts from the past, tied walter to many trees & poles, laughed about Richard Simmons, tried on outfits, bought pink flip flops, admired peacock scarves, called out to jen @ shade, had coffee, talked dresses, fought crowds and enjoyed our time together!
minutes after mia & I departed, lauren & I met up at the el segundo dog park! we watched chloe & walter gallavant, enjoyed benji, stopped some fights, had dirt kicked up on us, chatted with the molester and trail mix lady, saw dogs tossed over fences, admired digging for gophers, made life plans & gossiped on a bench! SUPER FUN DAY!


Unknown said...

Do you know I have never met Walter? How can that be? Bring him over this week and let's have coffee or lunch together.

LuLu said...

LOVED our date at the dog park Meg!!! xoxoxoxo