Sunday, February 7, 2010

I HEART making valentine's!

Thank you all for coming to my 4th annual Valentine party! I had a wonderful time and I hope you did too!
I spent Friday night & all day Saturday prepping, organizing, chalk boarding, assembling, admiring the rain, shopping, cleaning, ordering food from Joan's on Third, getting lost in Palms, color copying, baking, erranding, purchasing and getting pumped up for my PARTY!!!
The calm before the storm! This table had no idea what was about to hit it!Meg, Danielle, Joy, Alex, Presley, Bree & Payton! - we talked a lot in code, posed with milk and discussed a delightful range of topics: creepy neighbors, shutters, high school, ladies with premature elderly lady faces, dinner options, jello shots, Danielle impending labor (and ways to start kick start it), words with friends, chalk board techniques, Danielle's famous pretzels, liars, secrets told at American Girl Place, moose munch (thank you Joy) and so much more!
The world is your oyster!
STRAWBERRY MILK! Did you know that kids don't really like strawberry milk?
Cheerily making cards for their lucky friends at school!
Young card makers of America - Jaime, Meg, Mia, Lauren, Sara, Karen & Kristen!
The cute girls in their Valentine's ensembles with their goody bags!
Presley made a Valentine for WALTER (so did Bree)! Walter loved them!
These gals are EXTREMELY CREATIVE and darlingLauren and a jello shot. Her face tells the story. Look at her pretty pretty Valentine for Bills!OH YES! There was a glue gun station! - Thanks to Karen I even got a new super sleek black glue gun! I have such lovely friends.Kristen & Sara made some fabulous cards! SNEAK PEAK - Kristen's wearing a top from the DOIE spring collection!
Thanks to Alex & Bree we had lots of sweet treats to enjoy!
A small sampling of our handy work!
All things pink & red!
THEN, the table began to look like this! The creative juices were really flowing!Meg, Jaime & Karen posing weirdly, per usual. Karen coined the phrase, "from miles away I'm wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day" and wrote it on maps!! See you gals for an early, early breakfast on President's Day!
The extra excitement of having Danielle at the party was that she could have gone into labor at ANY SECOND! Could you imagine the fun of us all rushing to the hospital after her water breaks on the Valentines!!!???? I am dying to meet baby boy #4
I heart carnations!
Lauren & Meg! Lauren - you should probably update your blog today!Make a Valentine for your sweetie and stick it in the mail ASAP!


Sara K. said...

It was SO much fun!!!

LuLu said...

Thanks Geney for a great time!!!!

Brooke and Peter said...

i would really like to be at that party some year. am i invited?

hub of the house said...

oh course you're invited!!!