Tuesday, February 9, 2010

From the archives (two years ago today)...Snoop Dogg LOVES chicken!

Thursday night Mia & I went for a drink (and 5 second stare & smile practice) at Bowery and then to a Grammy party for two well connected jewelry designers at Social Hollywood. As we were checking in, we were obviously mistaken for "extra cools" and were given a different color wrist brand than the others and quickly whisked into a fancy, celebrity studded, intimate dinner through a secret door...Once inside, we played the part perfectly and sat quietly in excitement of our impromptu three course meal! To our left was Snoop Dogg, who was so entertaining to watch! The best Snoop moment was when his assistant smuggled in takeout chicken wings for him and shoved them under the table. Snoop didn't touch his lobster, short ribs, potatoes au gratin or dessert, but slyly went to town on his wings when no one was watching (except me)- what a weird time! After dinner we danced it up to DJ AM and Grandmaster Flash with Rachel Hunter, Cheryl Hines, Jane Kaczmarek, Jerry Rice, Boys 2 Men, Fergie, Joey Fatone, Hanson and Shayna! Oh boy!

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